Hey all, I hope everyone out there is staying smart, staying kind, and staying healthy!

Last Friday night I went live and performed my first Facebook LiVeStream gig...  Definitely a new and unique experience for me. Then today I thought, "Why not share the video with you all?" So here we are! And just FYI I was digging the cover tune vibe that night, so the whole show is me playing a mix of fan requests and choice cover tunes. 

Easiest way to check out the video is to just go to my LIAM LLOYD FACEBOOK PAGE and it will be right there on my wall! Please give my Liam Lloyd Facebook Page a 'Like' while you're there! :)

PS Im doing another Facebook LiVeStream show this Friday @ 8pm, focusing a bit more on my original tunes...  so make sure you log on to my Facebook Page then and check it out as I will be releasing A NEW MUSIC VIDEO AND NEW MUSIC at the end of the stream!

Thanks guys, 
/LL xox

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