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Took a wee hiatus there folks (okay, three months sorry) from keeping the ol website up to date! Things have been crazy busy...  a couple stays in Algonquin Park, a fishing trip on the Madawaska River, two weeks touring the coast of Portugal, some great chill days up in Wakefield QC, a BUNCH of music as always, and of course always lots of quality time put in out at the lake with fam and friends :)

THAT SAID, Ive just updated a pile of gigs running through the summer...  CHECK THEM OUT HERE! are a few pics for ya from the last couple months :)

See ya soon!!



Marchin on... 

'Twas a busy month indeed. Loads of shows, a trip to Montreal, an ice-fishing trip on Lake Clear, some UNREAL skiing at Mont Ste Marie, some family time in St-Faustin-Lac-Carré...  busy busy and fun fun. March promises to be a busy one as well...  CLICK HERE to see where you can find me throughout the month :)

Here are a few pics from February's excursions!


BUSY START TO 2019...! 

So much for things winding down in the new year...  its off a to a banging start... and I'll take it :)

A beauty gig up in South Algonquin, some nice times on the Ottawa River, some great gigs with some uber talented fellas...  here are a few snaps from it all!



2018 in the books... 

Another wildly busy, but super fun, holiday season is fizzling out...  Hope everyone had as good a time as I did :)

We just got back last night from four days of skiing, hiking, and much needed recharging up in Quebec (see pic below), then I motored right down for a nice chill gig at the Royal Oak on Bank after landing back in Ottawa last night. Keeping the Quebec theme going this weekend though, as this evening I will be playing at The British in Gatineau. My first gig at this joint and Im looking forward to it! 

CLICK HERE to see where you can find me through the next few weeks :)


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