Got back on Ontario soil about a week ago now, had a pretty wild time up in the northwest of North America. We camped at the foot of Kluane National Park, fished with grizzly bears in Alaska, hiked amazing mountains in British Columbia, trekked to the snow-covered peaks of the Yukon. Just a great experience all-in-all :)

That said, it has been a rough couple in music as we have lost two of the greatest (in my humble opinion) songwriters that have graced this planet of ours. Tom Petty and Gord Downie. Both legends in their own right. Tom provided much of the soundtrack to my journey through the Rocky Mountains as we drove the entire Haines loop. From Whitehorse to Haines Junction to Haines to Skagway to Carcoss and back to Whitehorse. Every turn providing a view impossibly more picturesque than the previous.

Always great to go away, always great to get back home too. I predict lots of Petty and Tragically Hip songs making their way into the setlist in the shows ahead...


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