-Diggin in my Heels-



What's shakin Lloyder-ers?!  (Like loiterers, get it?) Anyway... couple things to report here!

Busy last month, including a few super rad gigs out at the Canadian Tire Centre... those pregame shows are SO fun! BIG thanks to the great crew at Hard Rock for having me!

Check it.

I have a couple more of these pre-game shows coming up this month so make sure to CHECK OUT MY FEBRUARY GIGS HERE!

Chat soon folks! 


- LL xo

2020 HERE WE COME... 

A friggin whirlwind as always over the holidays...  hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday season!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all ya'll and may we all prosper in 2020 :)

I finally got my gigs updated for the month of January, CLICK HERE to see where you can find me!

This weekend is gonna be on wheels, so get your sweet asses out to the hockey game and come see us before puck-drop at the Hard Rock Club on level one of the Canadian Tire Centre!


Took a wee hiatus there folks (okay, three months sorry) from keeping the ol website up to date! Things have been crazy busy...  a couple stays in Algonquin Park, a fishing trip on the Madawaska River, two weeks touring the coast of Portugal, some great chill days up in Wakefield QC, a BUNCH of music as always, and of course always lots of quality time put in out at the lake with fam and friends :)

THAT SAID, Ive just updated a pile of gigs running through the summer...  CHECK THEM OUT HERE! are a few pics for ya from the last couple months :)

See ya soon!!



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