Speaking of my old man...he and I put a band together and we are playing this Saturday night in our hometown of Pembroke, ON, at the Lasso Saloon! Yee-haw!

We will hit the stage around 10pm, so make sure you drop in for a couple glasses of Christmas cheer! Its always a real treat for me to do shows like this.

Here is a rare pic of me with the legend himself...





Here is a tune my dad, Neil O'Connor, recently completed. It pays tribute to an old friend of his, Donnie Poirier, who passed away many years ago. An amazing stepdancer, this tip-of-the-hat to Donnie talks about that hot summer night in 1979 when he jumped on stage with my old man's group and had a couple thousand people mesmerized with only his feet as he danced the night away. The song features one of my dad's lifelong best friends, Eli Boucher, on verse II, and one of my lifelong best friends, Eli Boucher Jr, on verse I. Catch me on the third verse before my dad brings it home at the end.


Have a listen, hope you enjoy!


Oy! I have some nice gigs coming up this week, including one today at the Elmdale Oyster House & Tavern. Tomorrow Ill be sitting in with some good pals out in the east end with a super-fun 3-piece outfit...  then find me at Ottawa's premiere scotch bar both Friday and Saturday night in the Byward market! CLICK HERE for more info :)

Here are a few photos of nice things we've been doing the last couple weeks:



Found a video from earlier this year of my pal T.J. Morrison and I playing Fiddler's Green, one of my favourite slow-jams from one of the best Canadian bands ever, The Tragically Hip. We lost lead singer/songwriter Gord Downie just over a year ago after a battle with brain cancer, so I thought it fitting to share with you all. And please pardon my rudimentary piano playing...


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