-Diggin in my Heels-



Sooooo busy....  sometimes I feel like all I do is drive! But then I remember I drive to do super nice things :)

Shit the bed on getting my gigs updated on time again this month soooory! But hey tonight I am playing in Majors Hill Park at the picturesque Tavern On The Hill! Tomorrow I am the stunning sister bar, Tavern On The Falls, then TWO nice gigs Saturday in the nation's capital! CLICK HERE to see where you can find me through the rest of the month :)

No other crazy news really...  Ive just been busy cottaging, fishing, bonfiring, waterskiing, golfing, tennis-ing, etc. Man I love summer.... why does it always fly by so fast!?!  Anyways, here are a couple summer pics from the last couple weeks :)

Changes are a comin... 

Apologies for being a wee bit late with my gig updates here folks...  That said, June will bring with it some changes, indeed. This Thursday will be our last week at Fat Tuesdays as they will be closing their doors for good after this coming weekend. It has been a pile of fun getting to play some 75 weeks in a row with my good pal T.J. Morrison, getting to know some of the more interesting regulars, being treated so well week after week by the knockout girls on the wood, and crushing inane numbers of some of the best fish tacos in the city on a weekly basis! 

Fun things happening this month though! I already played a badass house party celebrating GREEK EASTER for the second year in a row, I will be performing at OTTAWA BEER FEST at Landsdowne next weekend, oh and I have a couple shows coming up this weekend in my hometown of Pembroke, with one of my best mates from back home, and one with the full band (my dad is sitting in for the full band show Saturday night!). Fun, fun!

Anyways, thanks for checking in and dont forget to check the fill June gig list HERE!

Oh and for no particular reason, here is a picture of Vaughan and I headed to the cottage :)


Spring has sprung?! 

Seems like we are finally done with winter...?! This time of year is great eh, cigarette butts and dog poop everywhere after the melt!

But seriously, just got back from a few days at the lake, six shows in five days this week including one with my dad, one with my uncle, and one at Ottawa's POUTINEFEST on Sparks Street! CLICK HERE to see when and where you can find me :)

Oh, and here is a picture of me and the pup from a couple days ago at the lake...

Morocco 2018!! 

Hey guys!  I just spent a couple weeks in Northern Africa. I climbed the highest mountain in northern Africa, I camped out in the Sahara Desert, I met some amazing people from all over the world, I smoked some (a lot of) hash, I ate waaaaaay too many tagines, I rode a camel, I was invited for lunch in a traditional Berber mountain village home...  It was all pretty amazing :)


Here are a couple pics from the trip :)


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