Well well! Been a while since my last update here. Summer was a bit of a whirlwind...! Played a pile of gigs, including some fun performances at the Sparks Streets festivals...  some charity gigs with a few good lads...  some great patio hopping gigs with LiVE88.5FM and Corona... When I wasn't performing, you'd typically find me at a cottage, on a boat, at the park, with a fish in my hand, or out somewhere nice with my main man Vaughan :)

Mid-September I hopped on a plane and headed down to Peru for a wee getaway. A relaxing trip...it was not. Being one of the premier trekking meccas on the planet, I tried to take full advantage during my visit. An amazing country! Diverse, vast, picturesque, mysterious, I would highly recommend it to anyone else with a lust for exploration :)

As for the new record, Im looking at dates as we speak to try and nail something down before the years end! Details to come sooooooon!





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