So I finished recording and mixing the new album here in Ottawa in the fall with Johnny Hall Productions frontman Eric Eggleston. Then we sent the mixes down to Sao Paulo, Brazil to get mastered. Then I flew to Spain and backpacked around for a couple weeks. Then back to back to Ottawa, Canada to hear the album in all its mastered splendour. Then I shot out to Alberta for a bit to play a few shows with a few good chums (and maybe some skiing in Banff National Park). Ive been spending some of my downtime up in Québec, also took a rad mini-trip to Montréal recently, but lately its all been about the lake!

In gig-related news, Ive started a house gig in the Byward Market in Ottawa, ON. Ill be at Patty Boland's every Sunday night starting at 8pm!
Make sure you come check it out if you're out on a Sunday Funday!!

Regarding the new record, Im still taking some time to put in some administrative work and chatting with some music industry people to see if I can maybe get some help making a bigger splash with this album Im so excited about before I set a definite release date. Stay tuned in for more details :)




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